Turntable of your choice subject to availability

7mm Scale

Scratch-built from £400.00

Painted add £80.00

4/3.5mm Scale

Scratch-built from £300.00

Painted add £50.00


I have decided that as Midland Railway Centre (Kettering) kits are not available at present, I am only prepared to build Turntables on a scratchbuilt bespoke basis.

I am doubtful of the long-term dimension stability of some of the kits, especially those built from wood, most of which do not include important details such as rivet head and in some cases laddering and handrails.

My specification includes the turntable deck and sides built  from Copperclad board with etched or metal detail, ladders and railings (where appropriate), and rivet/bolt detail. Soldered construction. Only wood used for the well.


Various options are available including a fully indexable stepper motor system. Prices vary from about £50.00 to £250 depending on the options chosen.

Please enquire for cost and availability

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