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I have decided to have produced, some etches for a 65/55ft GWR Turntable bridge, in Nickel Silver. This will enable me to have more control over the sourcing of the necessary parts. Initially the etches will be in 4mm scale. I have not yet decided, whether to make them available separately. Certainly, if I do it will not be as a kit but a set of etchings. The bridge will be based on the version of the 65ft extension to a 55ft one, so that will allow me to make both. If you are interested in this or a 7mm version please let me know.

Also I have identified several areas where the currently available parts are missing or capable of improvement in the signalling field, mainly GWR and SR, again I may make the parts available eventually.

At the moment the some of the designs are with PPD but don’t expect the turntable etches to appear before September 2020.

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