7mm scale Layout in North America - Pointwork supplied. Hiding somewhere behind the GWR Coaches is the scissors complex pictured left. For a better shot of it see my 7mm Trackwork Gallery.  I have mentioned the lack of signals to him….

All GWR and WR semaphore signals feature prototypical hollow ball finials supplied by Modelu.!!

That includes 2mm scale as well!

Bespoke Signal and Pointwork building services.

Servo operation of signals and working lights options are all covered.

If you are considering using the new Stainless Rail based track in 4mm scale, don’t forget that bases are available from C&L for plain track and and a range of timbering options for pointwork not yet covered including EM and P4 gauges.

No readymade pointwork is available yet and it is unlikely that any readymade solution will meet every need. If you would like a quote for such pointwork using this rail or indeed other types of rail please contact me.

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